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Wild About Me

Chenille Letters 3.2 inch Light Blue, Hot Pink

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Approximately 3.2 Inch Letters with Gold Backing. 

Note: Due to number of variants there are multi listings for the other colors available. 

The letter X is available upon request. Omitted to allow for variants. 

Coupon Code Discount Applies when adding 4 or more letters to your cart. 

Application Instructions:


  • Temperature: 285-340 Degrees* 

  • Pre-press garment 5 seconds and cover chenille with parchment paper or teflon sheet.

  • Time: 10 - 15  Seconds* 

  • Medium - heavy  pressure

  • Allow to cool. Keep paper covering chenille and turn garment inside out and repress on the back. Repeat press if needed for best adherence. 

*All heat press can vary with time and temp. Run test and find best settings for your press. You may need to slightly adjust them up or down as well as press time. These are manufacturer recommendations only.