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Retro Laser Cut Twill Applique Heat Press Lettering 3.5" x 11"

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Two Color Retro Fabric Lettering with Adhesive Backing. Custom Cut with you choice of fabric/colors.
Arched or Straight, this is the 3.5 x 11"  Size for Straight and if Arched close to 4" 
Application Instructions:
Recommended for use with the following fabrics: Acrylics, 100% Cotton, Polyester Knits (not Mesh), 100% Polyester, Poly-Cotton Blends, Poly Form and Cotton Caps. If sewing, then 16.5" PSA Permanent Sports Twill works well with all previously listed fabrics plus Polyester Mesh and Nylon.
  • Temperature: 340°F
  • Time: 20 seconds
  • Pressure: Firm
  • Peel: N/A
HINT: Run a lint roller over the transfer area (on the garment) to remove any loose threads or stray fibers. Preheat your garment for 5 seconds. Place the transfer onto the garment, then place a cover sheet over the design. Time, temperature and pressure may vary if using an iron instead of a heat press machine.